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Home to over 350 businesses and 50,000 residents, Coney Island is a collection of independent businesses and attractions, from high-end restaurants, souvenir shops and amusement rides to smaller mom and pop delis, hair salons, barber shops and pharmacies, as well as schools and nonprofits, who are dedicated to serving our diverse community and visitors!

In 2012, The Alliance for Coney Island was formed to provide a vehicle for improved collaboration among our stakeholders for the rejuvenation of our iconic neighborhood. Through our shared commitment and hard work, we implement initiatives that focus on the betterment of the community at large while preserving the rich and colorful past of the People’s Playground. Read more about our initiatives and wide-range events by visiting our Programs & Initiatives page!

We're a community.

A shared community.

One where New York City's only seaside playground and our vibrant residential neighborhood co-exist, and we work to ensure that both our communities thrive.


Learn more about our Mission, Vision and Commitment here.

Here at the Alliance for Coney Island, we are fortunate to have a remarkable team of hardworking and passionate employees, whom are supported by the invaluable efforts of our Board of Directors to make a difference in Coney Island!


Get to know us here!

The fundamental principles of transparency and accountability are vital to our mission and our governing Board of Directors are committed to ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place.

Access our Annual Reports here.

We are excited to grow our membership base and committed to serving each and every one of them!

Learn more about our members here.

The Alliance has taken every opportunity to conduct research studies to learn how to best serve our neighborhood.

Access our Reports here.

Our Mission
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