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our mission

Building a stronger Coney Island.

Our mission is to advocate for and promote the growth of our local business community, improve quality of life for our residents, and support the development of our neighborhood while honoring the past, celebrating the present and building the future of this historic neighborhood.

Our vision

The Alliance for Coney Island is dedicated to continuing the transformation of Coney Island into a thriving neighborhood for our diverse residential community, as well as a year-round entertainment destination and  shopping district by the sea.

Our goals and commitment

To carry out our mission, we:

  • Develop a wide-range of free public programming throughout the year

  • Serve as a resource to and a representative of our local business community

  • Advocate for policies and resources that further the growth of our neighborhood

  • Increase resources and services to enhance the quality of life for neighborhood residents, businesses and visitors

  • Boost communication and marketing outreach efforts to increase visitorship and Coney Island brand recognition

  • Strengthen connections between local Coney Island residents, businesses and government agencies

​and strive to continuously expand upon both our current, as well as new initiatives!

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