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Located on the most Southern tip of Brooklyn, Coney Island was one of the few Brooklyn waterfront communities without NYC Ferry service despite residents having one of the lengthiest commutes and limited transit options. With almost half of 50,000 residents commuting to work from our waterfront neighborhood, we advocated for Coney Island to be considered in the feasibility study by NYC Economic Development Corporation and be considered as a location in the second phase of NYC Ferry service.


Collecting over 7,000 signatures from residents and after holding a rally with various community members, on January 10th 2019, it was announced that Coney Island would have ferry service by 2021.  A major success and accomplishment proving that collaborating and amplifying the voices of all residents, businesses and community organizations alongside local elected officials was a powerful means to achieve transit equity for our community.



The Alliance for Coney Island stressed the need for the F express train at a press conference alongside Councilmember Treyger, Community Board 13, residents and other key community stakeholders. Coney Island business owners have expressed frustration over the long commutes for their visitors and customers, residents have expressed frustration over the lack of transit options and lengthy commutes to work. We continue to demand that the MTA restore the F express train service which was terminated over 30 years ago!


We believe in empowering our residents and local businesses by providing them with multiple opportunities to raise their concerns, issues and suggestions. In effort to increase the collaboration between local city agencies and residents and businesses, we organise interagency meetings as an opportunity for an effective exchange of changes in regulations and laws, issues facing our neighborhood and ask questions.


The increase in illegal dumping of the garbage, homeless in need of assistance, rats infestation, and street and traffic lights out of service, to name a few, are issues that lead to a declining quality of life for our residents. As an advocate for a better quality of life for our community stakeholders, we often report issues such as unwarranted graffiti and logged catch basins in addition to the others, and follow up on any lack of action taken.

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